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  • Paypal

  • Bank Wire Transfer (계좌이체)


  • The product is always handled and packaged as carefully and safely as possible.

  • We use our new customized packing box.

  • The record will be removed from its cover, if it is opened, in order to avoid seam splits during transport.


  • All the listed products are located in South Korea and buyers pay shipping cost.

  • An ordered product will be posted by 'EMS (Express Mail Service) and it usually takes 5 to 15 business days.

  • We post an ordered product within 2 business days and the delivery time is totally up to your local postal system.

  • The shipping cost is charged by weight and the rates are as below.

-  United States, Canada

   1LP: US$25 / 2LP: US$29 / 2 X 1LP: US$33 / 1LP + 2LP: US$37 / 2 X 2LP: US$41

-  United Kingdom, Europe, Oceania
   1LP: US$27
 / 2LP: US$29 / 2 X 1LP: US$32 / 1LP + 2LP: US$34 / 2 X 2LP: US$37

-  Asia

   1LP: US$18 / 2LP: US$20 / 2 X 1LP: US$22 / 1LP + 2LP: US$24 / 2 X 2LP: US$26

-  Mexico, South America

   1LP: US$32 / 2LP: US$36 / 2 X 1LP: US$40 / 1LP + 2LP: US$44 / 2 X 2LP: US$48

-  Korea, Republic of (대한민국)

   Flat Rate: US$4.00

  • Also insured service is available. Please ask the rate if you would like to. Thank you for the interest.

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