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  1. The record grade is subject to virtual audio condition if it is an used vinyl.

  2. We state visual condition of the used vinyl on condition details if the product differs from audio grade.

  3. We have 8 categories: 'New', 'M', 'M-', 'EX+', 'EX', 'VG+', 'VG' and 'G'.

  4. The description of what each one means is as below.





  • RECORD, COVER: Factory sealed, brand new.


M (Mint)


  • RECORD: Opened but unplayed.

  • COVER: No sign to use at all, as new and in perfect condition.


M- (Near Mint)


  • RECORD: Aurally hardly hear to any background or surface noises. Visually no marks or fault under bright lights.

  • COVER: No writings, tears or any other faults: could be slight storage use to the corners or a couple of faint wrinkles to the edges.


EX+ (Excellent Plus)


  • RECORD: Aurally slight noises occasionally, or 1~2 soft ticks to some places. Visually light inner sleeve marks or hairlines. or 1~2 faint surface marks.

  • COVER: No major faults, but could be 1~2 light creased marks, small crack to the edge or tiny sticker removal marks.


EX (Excellent)


  • RECORD: Aurally some noises occasionally, or several light ticks to random places. No clicks or jumps. Visually several light surface marks or hairlines, or 1~2 scratched marks. No significant marks.

  • COVER: Some storage use to the edges or corners: could be a few thumbnail creased marks, yellowing along edge or small bump to corners.


VG+ (Very Good Plus)


  • RECORD: Aurally some noises and a number of insignificant ticks, pops or crackles, but still no clicks or jumps. Visually some surface marks and hairlines: could be a few light scratched marks, but still no significant marks.

  • COVER: Some storage wear: could be several creased marks, insignificant ring-wear marks, small writings, tiny paper missing or light split to the edge. But no significant tears.


VG (Very Good)


  • RECORD: Aurally lots of noises, ticks or crackles. Visually a number of scratched marks and surface hairlines.

  • COVER: Obviously normal wears to hear and there. Some writings or tears.


G (Good)


  • RECORD: Aurally some clicks and jumps, noticeable distorted sounds. Visually a number of significant marks and scratches. We do not offer a product which is 'GOOD' condition.

  • COVER: Significant wears to both panels and the edges. Also we do not offer a product which is 'GOOD' condition.


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